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Teal School
Teal School2020/09/29 at 8:10pm
Interesting post from @braintoolsforteens #repost
Eco-anxiety is a form of anxiety and fear of the impact of climate change on the environment induced by humans. This causes people to become anxious about the future and the future of the planet. Can climate activism help reduce anxiety in young people? Ojala M has done research on how young people relate to global climate change with the aim to investigate what emotions they experience, how they cope and how coping strategies are related to environmental efficacy, environmental engagement, and subjective wellbeing.
(ref. in comments). One of the coping skills used by young people was meaning-focused coping and it seems to be an especially constructive strategy. This coping skill implies that young people can switch perspective and see both positive and negative trends and also put trust in powerful actors in society. Ojala concludes that it is important to let young people give voice to their climate-related emotions and that it is vital to realize that coping not only takes place at an individual level but is also a social process in which the adult world plays an important role.
・・・end of #repost

We agree fully to the importance of letting young people voice their emotions related to climate change, and also other areas of life that cause stress and anxiety. The social process in which adults play a role should be taking place in school to a higher extent than now.

#tealschool #reinventeducation #reinventingschool #allowemotions #wholeness #future #climatechange
Teal School
Teal School2020/09/08 at 12:43pm
This year it has been 150 years since Maria Montessori was born, and 113 years since she started her first school.

We celebrate this with a short blog post with two wonderful quotes from her books, for example:

"If education were to continue along the lines of mere transmission of knowledge, the problem would be insoluble and there would be no hope for the world… we have before us in the child a psychic entity, a social group of immense size, a veritable world-power if rightly used. If salvation and help are to come, it is from the child, for the child is the constructor of man, and so of society. The child is endowed with an inner power which can guide us to a more luminous future. Education should no longer be mostly about the imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities." /Maria Montessori, Education for a New World (1947)

#tealschool #teal #educationforanewworld #society #societalchange #schooltransformation #education #school #pedagogy #montessori #selfdirectedlearning #naturallearning #emotionaldevelopment #spiritualdevelopment #moraldevelopment
Teal School
Teal School2020/08/23 at 5:33pm
Yesterday we were reached by the sad news that one of our greatest inspirations, Sir Ken Robinson, has died. It is such a loss for the Education community. We have shared some of his videos before but we recommend them again, let's keep his words alive.

How to escape education's death valley

Changing paradigms

Bring on the learning revolution

Do schools kill creativity?


2020/10/20 at 9:41pm
2020/10/20 at 9:41pm
2020/10/20 at 9:41pm
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2020/06/26 at 6:53pm
An opportunity to rethink the Board exams completely. Instead of annual grade 10 & 12 exams, the boards could offer certification in various subjects, based on exams taken on demand when a student is ready, allowing them to learn at their own pace...
2020/06/26 at 4:25am
@TealSchool Hello, here is your unroll: @TealSchool: Kan vi få positiva effekter av den här krisen? Kan de konflikter som nu finns mellan föräldrar i… See you soon. 🤖
2020/05/29 at 5:30pm
Går igenom transkriberade intervjuer med gymnasieelever där de uttrycker att de känner sig ständigt granskade men aldrig sedda. Det behöver inte alls vara representativt men det är problematiskt om elever upplever bedömning så.
2020/05/17 at 7:51am
I've heard this story of students thriving over & over throughout this #remoteteaching period. Would be a brilliant outcome if more schools offered #onlinelearning as a CHOICE for STUDENTS, now they have had a taste of it.
2020/05/17 at 6:46am
Kan vi få positiva effekter av den här krisen? Kan de konflikter som nu finns mellan föräldrar i riskgrupper som socanmäls och hotas med vite för att de håller sina barn hemma visa på ett systemfel? #svpol #skola #COVID19SV #Coronasverige TealSchool photo
2020/05/07 at 3:45am
Vi har skapat ett nytt Instagramkonto för våra Teal School Hubs där vi skriver på svenska. Följ oss gärna! ❤️ #skola #Coronasverige TealSchool photo

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