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Teal School
Teal School2020/12/22 at 10:39am
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"2020 has not been the best of years, I think we can all agree on that. Challenges have been both emotional and practical at an individual level, political and economic at national levels. The Teal School team has experienced these challenges as well, both personally and as an organisation. We surely hope for a better year ahead. 2021, you are so very welcome!"

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Teal School
Teal School2020/12/17 at 8:47am
Help others understand your situation.

TEACHER, here´s your chance to share your story.
What are your experiences in these times?
Help others know they are not alone.
Help others know about your reality.

Share your story on our website.
In English:
In Swedish:

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Teal School
Teal School2020/12/10 at 12:55pm
Today some innovative people are acknowledged and celebrated receiving the #nobelprize

Innovation is creating something new.
To create something that did not exist before.
Often by combining existing things, ideas or methods in a new way.

An innovation can be a new idea, a new service, a new way of thinking, a new product or a new way of doing things. We, in Teal School, are innovative in many ways. Partly in how we want to organize schools. We believe innovative och creative thinking is extremely important in achieving a sustainable world.
Sustainable for our children and young people, for teachers as well as for our earth.

We believe that by organizing school in a #teal way we can create an environment that is nurturing more innovative and creative human beings. Unlocking more of human potential.
Today we raise our hands for a more innovative school.

#raiseyourhand with us.
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2020/11/09 at 7:27am
Sarah, founder of Teal School, will speak at [RE]LEARN 2020 - The Learning Innovation Festival. Join us Wednesday Nov 11 at 11:00 CET. <3 #tealschool #relearn2020 #redesignschool #reinventingschool #education #edchat #transformation #ourfuture
2020/06/26 at 6:53pm
An opportunity to rethink the Board exams completely. Instead of annual grade 10 & 12 exams, the boards could offer certification in various subjects, based on exams taken on demand when a student is ready, allowing them to learn at their own pace...
2020/06/26 at 4:25am
@TealSchool Hello, here is your unroll: @TealSchool: Kan vi få positiva effekter av den här krisen? Kan de konflikter som nu finns mellan föräldrar i… See you soon. 🤖
2020/05/29 at 5:30pm
Går igenom transkriberade intervjuer med gymnasieelever där de uttrycker att de känner sig ständigt granskade men aldrig sedda. Det behöver inte alls vara representativt men det är problematiskt om elever upplever bedömning så.
2020/05/17 at 7:51am
I've heard this story of students thriving over & over throughout this #remoteteaching period. Would be a brilliant outcome if more schools offered #onlinelearning as a CHOICE for STUDENTS, now they have had a taste of it.
2020/05/17 at 6:46am
Kan vi få positiva effekter av den här krisen? Kan de konflikter som nu finns mellan föräldrar i riskgrupper som socanmäls och hotas med vite för att de håller sina barn hemma visa på ett systemfel? #svpol #skola #COVID19SV #Coronasverige TealSchool photo

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