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How to support us

Social media support

Follow us on social media and like, comment and share.

Build the network

Tell people in your network about us.

Join our slack community – and invite friends to join!

Come to our meet-ups.

Tell us about good examples of Teal schools around the world.

Become an active member, e.g. host events in your home country/city.

Financial support

We, the Teal School founders, are digging deep into our pockets to be able to build this network and make change happen.

Even a little support from many people goes a long way!

If you are a Swedish resident you can support us using our Plusgiro-account, 1840438-4


Organisations can become partners. If you represent an organisation that works actively with sustainability, supporting us can be an interesting part of your CSR-portfolio and employer branding. Our work will have impact on several of the Global Goals. We have different levels of sponsorship and partnership.

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Becoming a partner

A transformation to Teal schools has the power to change our society. Self-worth, well-being, good relations, empathy, growth mindset, holistic health, entrepreneurship, responsibility, resilience, tolerance, creativity, integrity, non-violent communication, autonomy, intrinsic motivation, humbleness… the list of what learners (and teachers) in Teal schools can develop is long.

Traditional schools hardly even talk about these things, much less integrate them in the everyday life at the school, even though they’re needed for a healthy and happy life.

Supporting us is supporting the transformation to Teal schools, and Teal schools lead to emotionally intelligent self-leaders – people that you will want to hire.

We are also open for partnerships for mutual support with other non-profits, social entrepreneurs and smaller companies that share our values.

To become our partner the first step is to contact us. After that we will ask you some questions to see whether we share the same values and to see what type of partnership would be suitable for your organisation.

We hope to hear from you!

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Give us a better chance of making change happen. Even a little support from many people goes a long way. Thanks!

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