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Working hard at Holacracy course

Holacracy training in Amsterdam

I have had four and a half intense days of training with a team of international learners from the Philippines, Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, England, Prague, Belgium and Georgia. Some have been practising Holacracy in their organisations for the last two years. There have been many stories related to the challenges this new approach brings to organising…
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Blogging from Amsterdam

I am so glad to be here, in Amsterdam!  I’m looking forward to the Holacracy course tomorrow with many participants led by Brian Robertson. My focus will be to understand how Holacracy can support the creation of an alternative way of organising teachers within a school. This will change of course the relationship that exists…
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Meeting Tomas Björkman, co-author of The Nordic Secret

A couple of weeks ago we met with Tomas Björkman for the first time. Having known him only as the founder of Ekskäret Foundation and the author of Världen vi skapar (The World We Create) and The Nordic Secret (and being Facebook friends) it was great meeting in person. We talked about our common understanding…
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Passion led us here

Welcome to Teal School

We are here to start a dialogue and a movement for a better school system. Better for the students, better for the teachers, better for the society. We think the paradigm shift towards the Teal organizational level as described by Frédéric Laloux is the natural starting point. As we go along building this network we…
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