Why grades?

Why grades?

A little while ago I started thinking about the purpose of grades. I’ve been against grades altogether for years, but I hadn’t reflected that deeply about why they were there in the first place. There has been an ongoing debate about starting to give out grades in 4th grade in Sweden, instead of 6th grade…
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The importance of Teacher Wellness

Teacher Wellness is born out of the question Why? As a teacher I celebrate the profession and I am a very proud member of it too, but I also mourn it. Teachers are many professions rolled into one, for years now teachers have had access to and been part of constant curriculum change – sometimes…
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Time is on our side in a teal school

Time is on our side

An overwhelming issue we see in schools is there is not enough time. Teachers say it, managers say it. We hear excuses such as ‘Time is against us’ or ‘If only we had more time’. It has almost become the go-to excuse and a way of not digging deeper into the problem, but an excuse…
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School corridor

Conscious Learning, Conscious Education, a Teal School

Waking up to what we engage in everyday as leaders, managers, teachers, parents and students. It is so vital in our world today that we demand conscious learning, and a much more conscious education. Conscious learning sets its goals on teaching that awakens the mind, teaching which truly honours the human self and seeks to…
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Passion led us here

Welcome to Teal School

We are here to start a dialogue and a movement for a better school system. Better for the students, better for the teachers, better for the society. We think the paradigm shift towards the Teal organizational level as described by Frédéric Laloux is the natural starting point. As we go along building this network we…
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