The brighter future is in the hands of Wholeness

The brighter future is in the hands of Wholeness

“It is about people. Connecting deeply to each other, to themselves and to the system. From seeing the system as something that is out there, something they´re doing to us, towards seeing yourself as being part of the system” /Otto Scharmer, talk about U Theory, Wisdom 2.0

The month of October is coming to an end. This month we have given wholeness our attention. Wholeness has to do with accepting yourself as you are, and others as they are. To show empathy towards oneself and others, to listen inwards as well as outwards without judging.

See yourself as part of the system

Wholeness practices are tools that help people learn to listen to their heart and soul, mind and body and become authentic in their expression of values, feelings and thoughts. Wholeness practices also develop acceptance and communication – to listen with the intent of understanding, of learning and co-creating, rather than to listen with the intent of responding, being right and winning. Wholeness helps to evolve how people relate to each other, the system and themselves.

When we go a little bit deeper, we easily see that we are all very much the same, we all need acceptance, love, connection, joy and a caring environment, most of us thrive when we get to use our creativity or problem solving capacity, and most of us carry fears – like fear of rejection, fear of embarrasment, fear of failure etc. We are all human beings.

We in Teal School are working to bring this into schools, to create a radical shift in how we perceive what a school should be and what both kids and teachers should spend their days doing.

In a Teal School we do not ask of you as a teacher to leave behind a part of you as you walk through the school door, but to bring all of who you are to the organisation. It is in your wholeness that you are most relaxed and creative, it is from your whole self that growth happens. And the same goes for our children, of course.  

Wholeness is a key to shaping our brighter future – we might even say the brighter future is in the hands of Wholeness. With more separation, fragmentation, dissociation, judging, polarised debates, command and control, bureaucracy, stress and with more fear, greed, ignorance and poorly distributed power, the future might not be so bright.

The inner world impacts the outer and vice versa. As a global society, we have a profound need to move from ego-system thinking to eco-system being, to co-create sustainable healthier relationships between ourselves as humans and to our planet. To do this we need to start with what is inside of us; feelings, needs and developing our inner compass.

And through that collectively connect at deeper levels while building a new more empathetic and sustainable world.


We hope you see that Teal School is, and can be even more, a positive force in changing the school system for all of our kids, and we would very, very much appreciate a donation to either our GoFundMe-campaign or Patreon to be able to make our vision a reality.

Thank you!

Sarah & Shabana


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