Holacracy training in Amsterdam

Holacracy training in Amsterdam

Working hard at Holacracy course

I have had four and a half intense days of training with a team of international learners from the Philippines, Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, England, Prague, Belgium and Georgia. Some have been practising Holacracy in their organisations for the last two years.

Facilitators and Shabana
Some of the learners

There have been many stories related to the challenges this new approach brings to organising teams. Yes, the struggle is real, yes a mindshift is required, and yes sometimes it is so frustrating when shifting from traditional management hierarchical models, which have served us for so long, to this new way of managing, a selfmanging model. Despite the challenges everyone agrees that this is an excellent system making each and every member of the organisation responsible for their role and self managing really gets things done in organisations. Meetings are no longer a place where ideas go to die, the empowerment Holacracy brings to teams is liberating and drives an organisations capacity to innovate and grow by sensing  the tensions and work through them for something new to be born.


Basics of Holacracy
Holacracy vs Hierarchy

Everyone, including myself  is excited to take this learning back with us and implement it in our own work, and share this with others. Thank you to the wonderful facilitators and Brian for both an enriching, sometimes frustrating and supportive learning process. Thank you to the Holacracy team for your highly professional and skillful presentations, and thank you mostly for Holacracy!


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