Blogging from Amsterdam

Blogging from Amsterdam


I am so glad to be here, in Amsterdam!  I’m looking forward to the Holacracy course tomorrow with many participants led by Brian Robertson. My focus will be to understand how Holacracy can support the creation of an alternative way of organising teachers within a school. This will change of course the relationship that exists to power in schools today, where all decisions come from a tiny few at the top and most often do not reflect the actual needs or complexities within the classroom.

To me it makes sense where people are involved – and our concern is the education of our children or be it young adults or adults – since the needs and dynamics are constantly changing. The facilitator of all of this is the teacher, it is he/she that sees immediate change, they sense what is needed and share experiences alongside students. Therefore, in Teal School we want to give this power back to teachers, to make the necessary decisions and solve the classroom challenges they face in today’s complex world.

Of course teachers can do this! They are well educated, trained and specialised in their area of expertise. If a teacher is able to pay her bills, organise her life and run a family he/she also has the capacity to make decisions and have the freedom to decide on next moves, in the classroom. It is time we trusted our teachers. For us as a human race to survive trust is essential. If our educational organisations or organisms were to truly embody trust, our children will also learn to trust, causing a great snowball of positive, trusting human beings who will act according to the very ecosystem thinking we need today to save our planet and our species!

So, egos aside and with an open mind, let’s do it!

If you’re wondering what is Holacracy – please look out for my blog in the next few days explaining Holacracy.


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