The importance of Teacher Wellness

The importance of Teacher Wellness


Teacher Wellness is born out of the question Why?

As a teacher I celebrate the profession and I am a very proud member of it too, but I also mourn it. Teachers are many professions rolled into one, for years now teachers have had access to and been part of constant curriculum change – sometimes good and sometimes not so productive. Especially where schools are caught up in an industrial model and the mode of production outweighs the insights that even Aristotle spoke of hundreds of years ago.

In a Teal school Teacher Wellness is built into the very brick and mortar of the building as a Teal school recognises the significant role teachers play. Teachers’ mental health is top of the agenda as their positive experience will impact the classroom and the individuals they come in contact with on a daily basis. Teachers will themselves engage in and look for practices that serve the flourishing space needed for teachers to remain creative and innovative. Time to use your skills your knowledge and learning will be put into practice, instead of dictating how one should teach. A Teal school is conscious of the word diversity and seeks to engage the diverse skills available to creatively design and plan what learning shall look like. As teams are agile this gives opportunities for everyone to have a voice and share their ideas.

As a teacher what do you think would support more positive mental health in your schools?

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