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We are bringing the emerging Teal paradigm into schools. Teal schools are human-centered, purpose-driven and highly suited for our complex, fast-evolving world. They develop childrens self-love, empathy and true potential. Teachers’ wellbeing is a natural part of the system. A Teal school system will have impact on all levels of society, from individual happiness to social impact on a global level.

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We are looking for our soul tribe!
If you think it is time for a radical change in how we as a society think about schools, learning and education, towards a human-centric perspective, we wish to connect with you. There are many ways to join and support us. If you wish to co-create we recommend connecting with us through our Slack account.
We are also in need of donations and are very grateful for financial support.

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Don’t miss meeting with us! At the moment we hold meet-ups in Stockholm, Sweden every other month.
You can also set up your own Teal School meetings to discuss the Teal paradigm and the School of the Future and we will put it in our event calendar.

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Our purpose

Our world is changing. The technological development makes it hard to even imagine what our children will work with 20-30 years from now. Still most schools stay the same. And even though there’s extensive research on how we function as human beings, about what makes us happy and motivated, both teachers and children are struggling and mental health issues among young are increasing. 

 We firmly believe that the industrial paradigm which schools are built upon today has passed it’s expiration date, and that it’s time to look towards the new paradigm that is emerging. The industrial paradigm is production-oriented, and humans are basically seen as resources in a huge machine. The emerging paradigm is human-oriented, and the organisations are seen as living organisms, sensing their surroundings and needs, and adapting fast and painlessly. 
This paradigm is called Teal.

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Welcome to our blog. Here we share thoughts and suggestions on how to start Teal schools and changing the school system towards a more individual, future-secured and emotionally intelligent education system. Blogs might be in both Swedish and English. 

Embodied knowledge

The Second Mode of Knowing

I have been wanting to share Ken Wilber’s video on The missing link in Education, take a look at his video below. That which strikes me and I see as[…]

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From ego to eco system thinking

Educational Futures

How might we build our capacity to both imagine and create futures that are the futures that we really want to see coming about Keri Facer Professor of Educational &[…]

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SCARF model

Understanding needs – SCARF in school

Do you know your brain? You probably know a little something. Like how it works through firing neurons in complex neural networks, and how the brain chemistry: hormones like dopamine,[…]

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We answer all questions within a few days. You can also join our Slack-account to start a conversation.


Organisations can become partners. If you for example represent an organisation that works actively with sustainability, supporting us can be an interesting part of your CSR-portfolio and employer branding. Supporting us is supporting the transformation to Teal schools. Schools which develop children as human beings, and which will also bring you the excellent team-oriented self-leaders you will want to hire.  

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